Preparing to Buy a Home

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What You Need To Buy A Home

Buying a home is something that can be a pleasure or a challenge. Working with a Realtor that loves what they do is the first way to help take stress out of the process.  With a little preparation and an experienced Realtor like myself, the process can be fun!  Here are a few tips that I recommend to everyone when preparing to buy a home.

  • I encourage all my buyers to contact a lender when they are initially thinking about a home purchase. It might be a year from now, but knowing what your purchase power is will make you as a buyer more confident. I have lenders that I can recommend who work closely with their clients to assure on-time closings and that details are taken care of throughout the timeline.
  • Creating a needs and wants list in a home will help as we look at homes either online or in person. It’s easy to eliminate properties if the focus is clear. Ask me to help with this and the search will be kind of like hunting for a treasure!

There Are So Many Great Austin’s Pockets To Choose From!

Let Me Help YOU Find Yours!

  • A letter from the buyer to the seller of the home can also have huge impact. While I communicate closely with the seller’s agent, it is nice to show the seller that the person buying their home is confident that it is the best place for them. I’ve had numerous agents tell me that the letter my buyers wrote helped to win the contract over in multiple offer situations!
  • Narrow down the location and be flexible with the non-negotiable items. This will afford you more options as you see properties. There may be a hidden pocket you hadn’t thought of that is a great fit for you and your family.

Trust your Realtor and yourself! House hunting can be a satisfying adventure!

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photo credit: New Home via photopin (license)
photo credit: Homeownership via photopin (license)
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